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Maintenance Tools & Parts



TIP: Change or clean the filter on your compressor every 4-6 months.

Looking for parts and tools to fix or maintain your Septic System?

We sell the equipment and testing kits you need for maintenance and the parts for repair of most wastewater treatment systems. Buy your septic maintenance parts here. 

 Here you can find: 

Want to see if the wastewater treatment system is operating correctly? Take a few samples of the wastewater inside the tanks and then analyze the sample. We have chosen sampling equipment, chemical analysis devices, and gauges to make sure you are getting the information you need to evaluate the operation of the wastewater treatment system.

Having the right tools for the job is a must! We sell the tools to make the job safer and easier. Try out the septic Dipstick. The septic Dipstick works like the sludge judge, except the valve at the bottom of the water column is closed by a lever so you always get a good sample. We carry other water samplers as well as a settleometer and imhoff cones.

Need a chemical analysis kit to tell what if the system is working properly? Get your Chlorine or Dissolved Oxygen kit here. We also carry refill kits for the Chlorine and Dissolved Oxygen test kits. All our products have been field tested by wastewater treatment system maintenance professionals for accuracy and ease of use. Get them all here in one stop!

Time to overhaul the compressor? We carry the filters and rebuild kits for HiBlow and Gast Linear Compressors. We also have the filters for Gast Rotary Vane compressors. Can't fix it? We also have new Rotary vane and Linear compressors.

Looking for a septic pump? We sell 1/2 hp effluent pumps from Sta-Rite and Goulds that are also good for rainwater harvesting systems.

Need replacement or repair parts for your spray, drip or low pressure dosing septic system? We carry Netafim subsurface drip tubing, KRain spray heads, valves, filters, screens & o-rings as well as other parts.

Check out our selection today to see if we can make your job easier!

We Offer The Best Selection Of Septic Maintenance Tools

Welcome to You will notice that we have a very extensive line of wastewater treatment equipment. If you have been looking for a respirator mask or safety glasses, you will find we have what you need, We offer a variety of safety face shields, grab samplers, septic air compressor, septic dipstick, an effluent filter, septic maintenance part, a pressure relief valve, subsurface drip tubing, effluent pumps and so much more! When it comes to septic system treatment, we are your experts. Take a look around our site and find the septic system product that best suits your style and needs. Take a look at each product and click on any picture to find more information.

Thank you for visiting!

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