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DPD 1 (Free Chlorine) Dispenser 10 mL Sample, 100 Tests

DPD 1 (Free Chlorine) Dispenser 10 mL Sample, 100 Tests

DPD 1 (Free Chlorine) Dispenser 10 mL Sample, 100 Tests
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DPD 1 reagent for free chlorine testing. Powder Formulation for use with Hach, HF, Hanna.

Eliminate the hassles of crushing tablets or wrestling with foil powder pillows! Simply invert the USABlueBook® DPD dispenser over the sample tube, press the button and watch the dispenser dose the correct amount of reagent.

Precise dosing every time.
Just fill tube with water sample, place dispenser over tube and press the button!

Each individually packaged dispenser is vacuum-sealed to prolong shelf life and eliminate moisture problems. Once opened, store in a cool, dry place.

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