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Weathermatic Turbo 3 Rotor - Adjustable spray

Weathermatic Turbo 3 Rotor - Adjustable spray

Weathermatic Turbo 3 Rotor - Adjustable spray
Popped up
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Full Circle, Adjustable Spray

4” pop-up sprinkler with positive gear drive and 3/4” NPT riser connection.

Conforms to worldwide regulations with a purple cap and collar to identify spray as reclaimed water.

• Arc adjustment ring has visible arc indicators for easiest “dry” adjustment – just grip the ring and dial it in!
• Wet set “point and shoot” adjustment without a tool is the fastest in the business. Just hold the ring and turn the top.
• Ratchets like a spray head to align arc. No channel locks required.
• Factory pre-set at 180°
• Vandal-resistant slip clutch and strong sonic weld prevent breakage as is common with other brands
• High strength non-corrosive plastics and metals used throughout sprinkler
• Sealed, lubricant packed drive housing provides long life performance
• Radius adjustment screw decreases radius up to 25%
• “Punch-thru” cover to protect nozzle retaining screw from debris
• Easy grip threaded cover
• 14 field changeable nozzles including low angles and flow + all on one rack
• Pressure activated wiper seal and strong stainless steel spring on pop-up models to ensure positive retraction
• High-tech micro filter protects reversing mechanism
• Streamlined large flow tube to minimize pressure loss through sprinkler
• Impeller flow regulator automatically matches flow to nozzle selection
• Smooth impeller gear drive for highly uniform watering
• Large area, basket type, removable strainer for debris protection
• Standard “Ready Check™ Valve” on T3 and T3-36 models is easily reversed in the field to a “check” position. Valve holds back 12 feet (3,7 m/hd) of elevated water

Shipped with 3.5LA nozzle installed. Includes 13 other nozzles.

Use 5/64" allen tool to make adjustments. Orders of 6 or more heads include the adjustment tool.

Instructions for changing the nozzle can be found at the interactive website link below.
Inlet 3/4" NPT
Arc Adjustment Range: 40° to 360°, no tools required
Flow Range: 0.5 to 14.9 gpm
Pressure Rating: 20 to 70 psi
Overall Height (Popped Down): 7 5/8 in.
Precipitation Rate Approx. 0.4 to 0.6 in/hr at 50 psi
Radius: 23 to 61 ft
Riser Height: 4"

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